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Primary  Products

Rhino PEB can and often does, supply non-standard, “custom” buildings without additional charges for engineering. Non-Standard buildings differ from standard structural systems in that they can have non-standard design load, building widths, bay lengths, roof slopes, eave heights, module sizes etc.
For these special conditions, it is advisable that you seek the advice of Rhino PEB representative or a certified builder for the most economical and quality framing system for your building prior to specifying the basic parameters of a building. Experience has demonstrated that consultation with a Rhino representative before results in overall building supply savings that range from 5% t0 20%.
Design Loads
Rhino PEB standard design loads are”
• Live load (LL) = 0.57kN/m3
• Wind Speed (WL) = 135 km/h
It us the responsibility of the buyer to provide Rhino PEB with the wind speed application to a particular project as wind speed varies drastically from area to area.